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Subject : Window jacquard curtain manufacturer

Different Kinds of Jacquards are always good for home decoration , especially for window curtains and pillows . Our fty has more than 500 different designs of jacquard for your selection . And we have more than 10 years experience for its ready made decorations .

Textured jacquard , woven blackout , high density elegant designs , some embroidery sheers are all nice to be your selection .

Our turnover each month is about 30,000pcs for curtain and 100,000pcs for pillows . We can offer samples as per your designs without charges and bulk production can deliver to all countries in the world .

We are curtain and pillow specialist . Shall you have anything interested in , Pls feel free to contact us at Becky.xu@health-fh.com .


Post time: Sep-22-2021