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How about price ?

Our price is very competitive and will be lower than normal exporting company . We have our own workshop to cut and make and pack , Pls inquiry based on actual style no. .

How about quality control ?

We have middle inspector and final inspector for each steps . We will pick out all discrepancy products , take responsibility and solve problem together in case you find something out of international standard .

How about delivery ?

Usually curtains about 60 days from the order , pillows/fabrics about 45 days . We can discuss as per different quantity and give best delivery .

How about payment ?

We will ask for 20% deposit , balance by faxed documents . We have surprise for gold customer that no deposit just full payment by faxed documents .

How about MOQ ?

Fabrics requests 800ms/color , so far as curtains/blankets are 800pcs/color . Pillows we should check if we have available fabrics to produce small quantity , but 1200pcs/color is definately no problem .

How about delivery terms ?

We can work FOB CFR CIF 3 delivery terms as per your instruction .

How about samples ?

We can arrange samples you are interested in without charge and use your courier account in 10 days . We can also developing samples according to your design .

How about shipping documents ?

We can supply full set of shipping documents in 3 days after shipment is on board . Certificate of Origin , Form A can be submitted if needed .